Treat High Blood Pressure with Homeopathy

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Treat High Blood Pressure with Homeopathy

By Dr Ranjana Gupta , Homeopathy

High blood pressure is a condition which is characterized by constricted blood vessels that make it harder for the heart to work, thus resulting in increased blood pressure levels. The blood must maintain a certain level of pressure within the circulatory system to get to the various tissues.


  • Blood pressure is measured using a sphygmomanometer.
  • Blood pressure is considered normal at 120/80, but it may vary with age, sex, and health conditions.
  • High blood pressure is a disorder in which blood pressure is persistently beyond the normal limits.
  • Blood pressure is considered high when the reading is greater than 140/90.


High Blood Pressure Healing Diet-

  1. Restrict your sodium intake.
  2. Eat a well-balanced diet based on whole grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, fish, chicken, and turkey.
  3. Avoid foods high in transfatty acids and saturated fats.
  4. Avoid licorice, it is known to raise blood pressure.
  5. Garlic helps reduce high blood pressure. In the morning take a tiny piece of garlic and crush it with the knife. Swallow with a glass of water.
  6. Make yourself hot lemonade. Drink it, twice a day.
  7. Stop smoking.
  8. Reduce your stress levels.

Homeopathic remedies for blood pressure focus on treating the cause of the disease; so it takes some time to see the treatment’s effect. The various homeopathic remedies that are used to treat blood pressure are:

1. Nux Vomica:

If the rise in blood pressure is attributed to overindulging in foods and excessive partying, then Nux Vomica can be very effective. In addition, you may also suffer from symptoms like constipation and anxiety.

2. Belladonna:

If you have high blood pressure along with recurrent headaches, then this remedy is preferred. You may experience burning sensations, throbbing pain all over the body and redness on your face.

3. Natrum Mur:

Natrum Mur is used in treating blood pressure which has been the consequence of the excessive consumption of salty and fried foods. Symptoms such as dry mouth, puffy eyes and increased thirst are common. Along with the medication, you should also watch what you eat in order to cure this problem holistically.

4. Rauwolfia:

This treatment is used when there are no visible symptoms of high blood pressure except problems in the nervous system. However, this medicine might not be suitable for pregnant women.

5. Glonine:

Glonine is used to treat high blood pressure when you have symptoms of headache and a constant feeling of irritability. Also, direct exposure to sun may aggravate the symptoms; hence should be avoided to the extent possible.