Monsoon hair care

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By Dr. Richfeel, Dermatology


Oiling is important to condition the scalp. But if the hair is weak then rigorous massage to the hair is damaging. When we do excess oiling then we have to overuse the shampoo which ultimately damages the hair and shaft.

It is advisable to apply few drops of oil with fingertip. Massage gently in clockwise circular motion and then leave it overnight.


Overuse of shampoo causes dryness, brittleness in hair. It is important to keep the scalp and hair clean. Getting wet in rain, accumulates chemicals in hair which needs to be washed out. During monsoon, humidity in the air increases and even the weather is windy so it causes breakages and frizz. The cream base shampoo helps to strengthen the hair shaft and it reduces hair breakages. If possible cover the hair when going out. To reduce frizz don’t put harsh pressure on the hair or do not rub vigorously.


This is important to reduce tangling in the hair. Leave the conditioner for few seconds so that it reduces dryness and breakages.

Apply conditioner on hair and then comb the hair with wide toothed comb so that conditioner spreads evenly. Don’t apply conditioner on scalp, it has to be applied on length of the hair.


Using wide toothed wooden comb helps to reduce breakages. Comb the hair at least twice in a day. Over combing will stimulate the sebaceous glands which invariably increases the production of oil on the scalp and scalp goes greasy, oily.


Diet plays a very important role in hair care as it helps in protecting the hair and also strengthening the hair follicles. Hair is made up of minerals, protein and iron. It is important to eat food which is rich in proteins like sprouts, beans, nuts, and soya. Milk and milk products also supports the hair. Green leafy vegetables are excellent sources of anti-oxidants and even iron.

Drinking plenty of water helps to detoxify the body. It is also excellent source of minerals which is one of the key factor in supporting hair.

Chemical treatments –

Avoid chemical treatments such as straitening, relaxing, colouring, and perming. These all treatments adds up to dryness, brittleness in the hair.

Blow dry also increases dryness. Often use of blow dryer leads to frizzy hair. Use towel to absorb moisture of the hair.