Super Long Sleek Locks Are The Latest Celebrity Hair Trend

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Photo: Startraks 

For beauty lovers who are hoping to grow out their own locks, it seems that there may be welcome news in the air. As the latest trend in hair, super long and pin-straight manes are quickly making a splash as a must-have look.

While Hollywood may have previously embraced cropped locks as a cutting edge trend, the focus has officially shifted to lengthy manes which graze the back. Celebrities are quickly retiring their pixie cuts and shifting toward sleek and middle-parted manes, which are seemingly inspired by pop legend Cher.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell has been spotted stepping out with flowing straight strands which fall nearly to her waistline. The longer tresses are a youthful and sexy look for the 46-year-old catwalk star. Meanwhile, the jet black colour flatters her glowing ebony complexion and highlights her striking features.

Photo: jourdandunn on Instagram 

The hairstyle has also been a rising favourite among younger celebs, with model Jourdan Dunn also embracing the trend. The 26-year-old British bombshell has been stealing the spotlight with her flowing dark locks, which emphasize her delicate bone structure.

Photo: arianagrande on Instagram 

Often seen with her signature ponytail, Ariana Grande has been spotted with soft, silky tresses worn down and loose. The 23-year-old pop star’s front fringe completes her girlish hairstyle, which brings a doll-like and feminine effect to her overall look.