Infertility And Ayurveda

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By Dr. Suneet V Shende, Ayurveda

Infertility is a problem that has been busy plaguing many cases more so in the modern times. As per Ayurveda, it is not merely enough to have a child; one has to bring a child into the world to live a healthy and nurtured life. So here is what Ayurveda has to say on the subject of infertility.

Factors: Ayurveda recognises a number of factors when it comes to conceiving and giving birth to a normal child. These include healthy sperm, as well as a healthy ovum as well as a uterus that is functioning properly.

  1. The reproductive health of male and female: It depends on the health of an element known as Shukra dhatu, in Ayurvedic terms. While this tissue creates the ovum for women, it is known to stoke sexual stimulation for men. Thanks to this tissue, a long chain of metabolism related processes are put into place which helps in the proper transformation of all digestive elements from nutrients to fluids and even blood, muscle, bone marrow and fat. This transformation fuels the proper functioning of the Shukra dhatu which is the core of all other functions in the body.
  2. Nourishing fertility with Diet: The Shukra dhatu is one of the seven dhatus in the body and they need proper nourishment with one of the two kind of diets, the Bringhana foods and herbs which enhance the Shukra by improving all the other dhatus or the Vrishya foods and herbs which focus on the Shukra Dhatu in particular.
    • Bringhana: This kind of a diet usually includes fresh and organic fruits and vegetables as well as moong dal (a kind of green legume), stewed apples, and bananas processed in ghee (clarified butter) and cinnamon or cardamom. Also, one will need to include almonds and walnuts that have been soaked overnight in their regular diet.
    • Vrishya: The Vrishya diet includes vegetables like asparagus and broccoli as well as mango mixed with milk, rice pudding, ajwain and cumin powder as well as dates mixed with milk. Turmeric is also said to improve the interaction between the hormones and the reproductive tissues.
    • Swedanam: To induce excessive sweating by layering oneself with blankets and other heavy material is also considered as a good way to help patients who are suffering from infertility. This helps in flushing out unnecessary toxins from the body.
    • Ashwagandha: This is a wonder herb that is used to cure a variety of maladies as per Ayurveda. This herb is available in tablet as well as powder form, and it can help in boosting the sperm production of the infertile male. Phala Gritam can also be used for females suffering from infertility.