Treat Cracked Heels Before Summer

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How to Treat Cracked Heels NaturallyIt’s a bit bright today and the sunshine is not as pleasant as it was during the last week which shows that summer is almost here, and it was pretty hard to keep the feet in carpet sleepers and that’s why I was bare foot in the home and this make me realize that my feet were looking a bit dry and it was easy to see fine lined on the heels too.

So i decided to get softer and smoother feet before summer, so who is keeping the same plan here Before you start treating your feet, you need to understand what is that which need some treatment.

Its dryness, you need to fulfill the water intake and you need to keep your skin healthy and moisturizer.

Treat Cracked Heels Before Summer  Foot Care Tips

Best Things Treat Cracked Heels Before Summer

1- Wash your feet every night and apply hydrogenated vegetable oil on the dry and cracked areas and rub till it get absorbed and then wear cotton socks and leave the oil on overnight and wash it with smooth brush and soap in the morning, you will see the difference after first use.

How to Treat Cracked Heels at Home

2- Make a homemade mask for your feet and for that you need to take a ripe banana and crush it till it becomes pulp and then add one tablespoon honey in it and apply this on your feet and keep it for about 20 minutes and then wash it off with running water, use it ever other day and you will see the difference in one week.

Banana and Honey Mask For Feet

Make a homemade foot soak with lemon juice and warm water and soak your feet in it for about 20 minutes and then take your loofah and gently exfoliate your feet to remove dead skin and then wash your feet with baby shampoo and apply some moisturizer.

Warm some lemon juice and add some petroleum jelly and warm it up too and then rub this mixture on your feet and wear thick socks and leave it on overnight, use it every other day and it will not only clean your feet automatically, but it will make your feet soft and smooth too.

Lemon Juice and Warm Water For Feet  Treat Cracked Heels

Cracked Heels

Cracked heels can be a sigh of your body to tell you that you are not getting ample amount of minerals and vitamins, you should take vitamins, minerals, Zinc and Omega 3 Fatty Acids and with that you should eat foods rich with vitamins, minerals and Zinc, vitamin E-rich are great for your body and your skin including vegetable oils, green vegetables, cereals, wheat germ, whole-grain products and nuts , you should use milk, cheese, yogurt, cereals and broccoli too and Iron sources include meat, chicken, fish, cereals, eggs, vegetables and beans. Zinc-rich foods include oysters, chicken, crab; kidney beans, yogurt and brown rice are great for your overall health too.

Cracked Heels Treatment