Tips to Get Rid Canker Sores Causes and Cures of Mouth Ulcers

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Tips to Get Rid Canker Sores Causes and Cures of Mouth Ulcers
Tips to Get Rid Canker Sores Causes and Cures of Mouth Ulcers

Canker sores, open sore in lips area that is also referred as fever blisters at times, is a pesky and quite painful skin condition that make your feel embarrassed in the public. These mouth ulcers are usually yellow or white and are surrounded by red. Many physicians also refer it as Aphthous ulcer.

Symptoms Of Canker Sores

Tingling or burning sensation is the early sign of canker sores. Later signs may include pain and a red, yellow or white bump. Sometimes these bumps can come with malaise, fever, inflamed lymph nodes.

Causes Of Canker Sores

The number of women suffering canker sores is more than the men and they attack anyone at anytime between the ages of 10-40. They can emerge as a graze on the inside of the lips, cheeks, soft palate, gum base or even tongue.

There are multiple underlying causes of occurrence of these discomforted lesions. Some major factors that contribute to the condition include stress, nutritional changes or insufficiencies, hormonal changes, menstruation, viral infections and allergies reactions. Additionally, they may also occur after you undergo a dental treatment or after a nibbling of cheek or the tongue. Some physicians also believe that canker sores can be hereditary.

Cures And Treatment For Canker Sores

Unfortunately there is no guaranteed treatment of canker sores is available yet. In most cases, sores automatically heal within 1-3 weeks and the pain decreases in ten days or even less. That’s why most people allow them to heal without treatment. The sufferers, however, are advised to stay away from hot or spicy foods as they can increase your discomfort.

If you are seeking for a natural oral treatment, you can try to gurgle with an over the counter mouthwash or wash with warm salt-water.

Some people dab cold Milk of Magnesia over the facing of the infected area for whole day to get sores treated. You can also use mixture of half/half amounts Milk of Magnesia and liquid Benadryl allergy medicine to heal the mucosa areas. Swish the mixture in your mouth almost one minute and then spew it out.