Tips to Flaunt your Nails

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Nails are one of the countless blessings of the Creator. Healthy, shiny and clean nails enhance the beauty of your hands while the scruffy and untidy nails impart a bad impact of your entire personality. That’s why it is very important to look after the nails properly. A few simple tips to get and maintain healthy nails are given here;


Diet plays important role in making your nails healthy and shiny. If your nails are scruffy and you want to flaunt them then feed them with healthy and balanced diet. Regular intake of vitamins and minerals is indispensable when it comes to achieve healthy nails. If you are trying to grow your nails long, introduce fruits, dark-green leafy vegetables, nuts and dried fruits in your routine diet. Drinking lots of fresh carrot juice helps making the nails stronger by adding to the calcium and phosphorous content in your body.

Milk Treatment

Milk is an ingredient that can do wonders for your nails. Give you nails a milk treatment to nourish them well. It isn’t time consuming treatment; just dunk your hands in milk for a few minutes and then wash off. Finally moisturize the nails with olive oil and enjoy healthy cuticles and shiny nails.

Avoid Water and Detergent Exposure

Don’t expose you nails too much to the water as well as to the abrasive detergents as both these elements have tendency to dry off your cuticles. You can do this by getting your hands into the gloves while doing domestic chores. Don’t forget to moisturize your hands after washing clothes or utensils.

Avoid Nail Biting

Not only nail biting habit causes severe damage to the nails but the one who bites nails is considered lacking self-confidence and having many other complexes too. So, women and gals, and the males too, should avoid this unhealthy habit.

Use Non-Acetone Nail Enamel Remover

When it comes to buy a nail polish/enamel remover, go for a one that is non-acetone.

Honey-Almond Oil Mixture Treatment

Nourish your nails with honey-almond oil mixture. Leave the treatment on overnight and wash it off next morning.

Moisturize Nails Before Bedtime

Be sure to put on a moisturizer your nails before bedtime.