Stretch Mark Removal Home Remedy

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Stretch Mark Removal Home Remedy, Stretch marks are the form of scarring of skin with the change of color of the skin.

It is the tearing of second  upper layer of skin(dermis), though with the passage of time it recover but may be  not disappear completely, these are caused by rapid stretching of skin due too sudden gain of weight as in pregnancy, adolescence, muscle building, abrupt hormonal changes.

In stretch marks red or purple color lines appear on skin, though they get lighter but the effected area get soft and lighter to touch.

Stretch Mark Removal Home Remedy

Stretch Mark Removal Home Remedy


Diet as usual plays an important role in stretch marks. But the diet should be taken according to cause of stretch marks. If the cause is pregnancy then diet  fluctuation cant be overcome, in case of puberty  the cause is hormonal so in these cases the diet should have essential elements, not just to eat bulk, so that the over weight should controlled by using balanced diet which includes vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin K, iron and essential oils, so that the elasticity  of connective tissues of skin and healing process of skin should be enhanced.

Recover Diet Binge For Stretch Mark Removal


You can apply the herbs as lemon, aloe Vera. Mint, mixed in some aroma and apply it every night of week and leave to work. Then wash out at morning. it is the effective precaution to remove the stretch mark removal if the skin has this tendency. Mix them and apply at stretch marks as a treatment of these marks.

Precautions to Get Rid From Stretch Mark Removal


  1. Apply lavender oil on stretch mark thrice a day or any other oil  mixed in 5-7 drops of chamomile and apply on the skin. it will remove the stretch marks.
  2. ¼ cup of aloevera,1/2 cup of olive oil. 4capsules of vitamin E 2 capsule of vitamin A mix all ingredients in a blender and apply this on stretch marks twice a day; it will recover the original skin.
  3. Egg white and egg white powder are e mixed and applied on skin, it will be full of proteins and help to regenerate the skin and also build up the damaged proteins of skin.
  4. Rub the castor oil on stretch marks and put a plastic rap on it and some hot pad for 20-25 minutes after this it will be washed with normal water. it is best to reduce the stretch marks from the skin.
  5. Application of vitamin K cream is also helpful in removing the stretch marks because vitamin K is essential for healing process.
  6. Mix the aloe Vera gel in vitamin E oil is also applied on skin for  removal of stretch marks.
  7. Rubbing the area with apricot scrub will also helpful in removing the stretch marks due to its exfoliation action.

Home Remedies For Stretch Mark Removal

So proper care and massaging with proper product you can cure the stretch marks to great extent leaving the skin soft and shiny.