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Skin of course is the  part of body which is much more  vulnerable to the external as well as internal  environment ,  skin changes towards aging starts at 30s, .with the passage of time as we  grow  the changes appear according to the  care we taken at our early 30s. In the age of 40 our skins have to combat with the external environment as UV rays and to the pollution to great extent.

Though thee factors are working at the early age  but with the passage of time our skin get more and more sensitive and get the effects more of these factors. On the other hand now the hormonal changes inside the body also going to start in the form of menopausal phase. So both these factors when combine they bring the great changes in our skin texture and   skin type.


As we come to our 40s the skin looses its lustrous shining, it become dehydrated. The dehydration causes the formation of wrinkles and the permanent fine lines now become more apparent. The furrows appear permanently on forehead. The wrinkles at the outer edges of eyes get prominent the delicate   fine lines under the eyes now appear more. The dark circles now changes to pouches. The skin looks saggy and its binding ability reduced to great extent .the elastic muscles of skin loose their elasticity due to breakdown of elastic and collagen. Smile lines around the mouth taken permanent seat.. The sebum glands secretion gets enough. So the t zone area becomes more and more visible.


In this particular period the special plan to skin care should be taken to keep the skin hydrated and protected. . Anti aging moisturizing creams should be used at regular basis to keep the skin soft and younger. Additional use of vitamin C and vitamin E is used   to fight with aging process. Vitamin C eliminates the fee radicals from the skin and vitamin E protects the skin from free radical formation.  Some natural moisturizers are honey, glycerin, gelatins etc may be used with out any harmful effects.

As the aged skin get drier and sensitive so the cleansing should be done with mild cleansers in which the deep cleanser chemicals are not of strong nature. So that the fragile skin not to be damaged by the process of peeling. At this stage if damage occurs it may be slow healing process.

Use of rejuvenating creams containing estrogen and progesterone also available in markets. The use of these creams reduces the wrinkle formation as well as also   the elasticity of skin muscles is maintained. The blood circulation to skin cells be controlled to eliminate the problem of veins dilation.


At this age the right selection of skin care products and skin makeup is very essential. Heavy foundations take the skin softness with them and when removed the skin become drier and rougher as before. So try to use the pproducts which have the qualities to nourish and rejuvenate the skin.


At the end it may be said that we can’t stop the aging process but can delay it with proper use of skin care treatment and by proper diet. Containing all essential vitamins for skin.