Skin Care Products Suits For You

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Every one wants the perfect skin .we are now a days living in the age of industry. There are tremendous variety of products available in market for each hazard of skin, different lotions, gels, powders, water based, oil based. What we use and what to leave. We get much confused when go to buy some cosmetics for our skin. So it’s not only the matter of our heart choice but an issue of considerable importance and needs professional skill as well as practice.

While select the beauty products for yourself the following factors should be kept in mind.

  1. your gender
  2. age
  3. skin type
  4. any disorder of your skin
  5. purpose of product


Usually the beauty products for man are different from woman. The skin of man is entirely different texture as compared to woman. If you are selecting the whitening lotions or creams then it will be different for male and female.


The skin care product which is suitable for you now is no longer suits to you. Thus with passage of time the product change. Sometimes you need cream and some time a lotion is required.


The skin type is also important for selection of product. If your skin is oily then use the water based products suits to you and vise versa. So the skin type is very important in selection of right product. Similarly if your skin is sensitive then use the products which have chemicals of mild nature or herbal products.


If your skin has some disorder as acne, pimples, freckles etc then the product should be used to improve the disorder not to aggravate the problem. As AHA lotions are used in diminishing the fine lines of the skin. Similarly for acne scars treatment the creams of same AHA compositions are used by professional experts. This is the ingredient of   extract of lemon, extract of apple or said to be fruit acid.


It is essential that you should know the use of the product. Whether is just to moisturize the skin, or rejuvenate the skin, or for cleansing, exfoliating agent. All this is to be kept in mind while select the product for your skin, as anti oxidant are used to regenerate the skin cells for youthful complexion. Lipids containing products are used to make the skin healthy after exposure to environmental hazards. Moisturizer accelerators are used for dry skin.

So the right selection is necessary for right and perfect skin.