Silver-White Hair Will Be An Icy Cool Colour Fad This Year

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Photo: missnosebleed on Instagram 

Although silvery white locks were once restricted to little old ladies, the look of ethereal, near-translucent locks has emerged as a leading colour trend for the year ahead. With very light and silver-toned tresses spotted on celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence recently, it’s no surprise that this hair look has crossed over from Tinseltown to the mainstream universe. In fact, icy locks just may be stealing the spotlight this winter.

Photo: arthurposso on Instagram 

Suiting the gently falling snowflakes and frost in the great outdoors, silver-white locks are sure to cause a sensation among snow bunnies. Even if you’re eagerly awaiting bikini season and counting down until the first day of spring, silvery tresses can easily brighten your wintertime beauty look. Paired with glowing skin, burgundy liquid lipstick and flushed cheeks, silver-white locks are sure to transform you into the ultimate ice princess.

Photo: kinashen on Instagram 

If you’re a natural blonde who is looking to take your usual hair colour to luminous new heights, silver-white strands just may be a trend to embrace. Meanwhile, brave brunettes who want a drastic shift in colour may also want to experiment with a silvery mane. While we would recommend heading to a salon for a professional approach to this extreme hair colour, there’s no doubt that it suits a lucky few. For the rest of us, we can always stick to our darker, more moderate locks, and appreciate the beauty of these snow queen strands from a safe distance.