Root Canal Treatment

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Root Canal Treatment

By Dr Pankaj Dhawan , Dentist

The treatment to save and repair a badly infected or damaged tooth is known as Root Canal Treatment. The backbone of the procedure includes removal of the pulp which is the damaged region of the tooth, disinfecting and cleaning the pulp and finally sealing the area. The common problems that affect the pulp are a deep cavity, cracked tooth, pain or recurring dental treatment. The nerve of a tooth is not absolutely important for tooth’s functioning and health after it has emerged through the gums. Its only purpose is sensation – whether an item is hot or cold. It is not required for daily functioning.

Damage to the pulp or nerve tissue of a tooth can break it down and cause bacterial growth which in turn leads to an infection and an abscessed tooth. The abscess is a pocket that is filled with pus which is formed at the base of the roots of the tooth. Additionally, infection at the root canal can cause:

1. Loss of bone at the tip of the root.

2. Swelling that might spread to other areas of the face and body

A typical root canal treatment, which happens over a few office visits, involves the following steps:

1. X-Ray: In case you need root canal treatment, X-rays might be taken or previous X-rays could be checked in order to locate the area of decay.

2. Anaesthesia: Administration of local anaesthesia is administered to the infected tooth.

3. Pulpectomy: The diseased tooth is removed by making an opening at the area.

4. Filling: The opened roots are filled using gutta-percha material and sealed off using cement.