Psychophysiology of Sexual Responses

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By Dr.  Amit Joshi, Sexology

Psychophysiology is the branch of science that describes about the relationship between the physiology and psychology (mental responses). It explains about the physiological changes in response to the change in the mood. Psychophysiology of sexual response narrates about the physiological changes that occur with the sexual desires.

Many scientist have proved that the phases of sex response involves four stages-

  1. Excitement
  2. Plateau
  3. Orgasm
  4. Resolution


This is the first stage that the couples get a desire or gets stimulated with any of the external factors. Their psychological desire to start with the act of sex causes many physiological changes for both male and females. They undergo changes like increased heart rate, increased muscle tension, nipple hardened and thick for females whereas erection of penis in males. Their reproductive structures become to swell and tense with increased blood flow.


This is the second stage in the sexual cycle in which they really get their desires to get into action and gets motivated to imitate the act. During this phase the changes noted during the first stage gets intensified and increased. Heart rate, blood pressure gets increased, muscle contractions extends to face, hands and feet, vagina swells for females and clitoris becomes highly sensitive, may become painful even with touch. The couples may involve in foreplay during this play which actually acts a great trigger to increase the strength of the sex.


This is often also referred as climax phase as this phase involves the actual sex. During this phase, there occurs physical changes like increased muscle tension that spreads throughout the body. The muscle contraction noted in the uterus and the lower muscle spasm in the penis causes the ejaculation of the semen. This stage actually last only for few minutes but the intensity of this phase depends upon the success of the first two stages. They achieve the psychological satisfaction of the sex during this phase.


In this phase, the body and mind returns back to the normal state. The erect body structures and other changes returns back to normal during this stage. It is a known fact that men achieve this phase completely but females have a chance to get back to the orgasm stage with any stimulation.  If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a sexologist and ask a free question.