Pink Tips Are A Sweet And Girly Valentine’s Day Hair Look

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Photo: villageonmain on Instagram 

With rose gold and candy pink shades of hair stealing the spotlight this winter, we’re hardly surprised that pink tips are a ruling hair colour trend. On Instagram, beauty addicts can be spotted with subtle pink highlights added to the ends of their tresses. Most commonly seen in soft, coppery shades of pink or the faintest of blush hues, pink tips are a less obvious way to adopt this hair trend. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, temporary pink ends can also help you celebrate the most romantic day of the year.

Photo: teddygraham97 on Instagram 

The hair fad has been gaining popularity among blondes, who are accenting their lighter locks with a burst of pink. While some hair chameleons are also integrating tousled waves and soft curls into their hair, others are sticking to pin-straight locks to showcase the colour.

Photo: nardinis on Instagram 

For an adventurous few, darker shades of magenta and fuchsia are also a stellar way to display the vibrant hue. Whether you’re craving a complete hair makeover or simply a few colourful strands for a change, pink-tipped strands just may be a look to fall in love with.

Photo: lindsayj_hairelleven on Instagram