Peach Hair Is Here- What To Know About This Vivid New Colour Trend

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Photo: matrixusa on Instagram 

While peachy pink tones certainly made a grand entrance into the year’s makeup trends, peach hair has now officially surfaced as a rising trend. With its soft, pale orange tones and hints of pink, peachy locks just may leave you looking refreshed as the seasons change into winter.


Photo: briteorganix on Instagram 

On Instagram, peach-tinted locks are gradually making a statement. From long, flowing waves to sumptuous, smooth locks, peach hair can brighten blond locks or instantly brighten brunette tresses. While lengthy peach strands are certainly making a bold impression, the hair colour trend has also been spotted on short-haired beauties. In fact, cropped locks and pixie cuts look especially striking when illuminated with a splash of peach.


Photo: houseofcabelo on Instagram 

Whether you personally prefer pink undertones or more robust, ginger colour, it’s clear that varying shades of peach are here to stay. If you want to bring a luminous touch to your locks as the weather turns dreary, this hair colour trend may be one to experiment with now.


Photo: adam_m_bryant on Instagram