Nutrition Myths – Debunked!

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By Dt Lokendra Tomar , Dietitian/Nutritionist

Myth 1: Foods marked natural are healthier.

  Fact: The FDA i.e. Food and Drug Association doesn’t put much effort into controlling the use of the word “natural” on the nutrient labels. You may notice that a lot of sodas claim to have 100% natural flavors; however, they contain extremely high dosage of fructose corn syrup which is not only unnatural but also unhealthy.

Myth 2: Restriction on your salt intake lowers blood pressure and reduces strokes and heart attacks.

  Fact: There is no scientific proof on whether salt increases your chances of suffering from a stroke or heart attack. However, lowering your salt consumption can help lowering your blood pressure. Despite reducing your salt intake, you can still be at risks of stroke and heart attack.

Myth 3: You become fatter if you eat late at night.

  Fact: No matter what time you consume calories, they will still be calories. There is no specific time when your body converts the calories you consume into fats. If you overindulge during dinner, you are gaining weight, not because of the calories you are consuming at night but because you are over-eating. Also, not eating at night is not an option if you have been exercising in the evening. Spread your calorie intake throughout the day rather than just during one meal.

Myth 4: Eggs increase your cholesterol and contribute to heart diseases.

  Fact: Though egg yolks have high levels of cholesterol, it barely has any effect on the levels of blood cholesterol for majority of people. Studies prove that egg yolks do not raise the risk of heart diseases for non-diabetic individuals. In fact, egg yolks contain all the nutrients.