No Heat Curls- The Latest Trending Hairstyle To Try Now

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Photo: marija.natasa on Instagram 

While many hairstyling lovers are used to creating their signature ‘dos with plenty of hairspray and heat styling tools, a no-fuss solution could be the next biggest hair trend. As we prepare for another year of key hair looks, no heat curls have arrived as a must-try fad. In fact, the look of loose, luscious waves is quickly replacing the alternative of tightly coiled and high-maintenance curly tresses. If hairsprayed ringlets which are slicked into submission remind you of a childhood beauty pageant, no heat curls may be a winning alternative.

Photo: chimayschannel on Instagram 

Easily crafted by braiding hair and then sleeping with your hair in plaits, no heat curls are quickly causing a sensation on social media. If you want to shield your tresses from the damage of heat styled locks, it may be worthwhile to try heatless curls this winter. With frosty weather and dipping temperatures already wreaking havoc on our flowing manes, no heat curls just might promise styled locks, without the extra effort.

Photo: beingbeautifulpooja on Instagram 

With their flowing, voluminous nature, no heat curls can transform long and straight locks into an entirely new look. Whether you’re currently sporting a waist-length mane or shaggy long layers, heatless curls are gaining popularity among all hair types. This season, try braiding your hair or winding it around pieces of cloth to create a head of easy instant curls. From the boardroom to the bar, this is a wintertime heatless hairstyle which is sure to become a crowd pleaser.