Natural Lip Care Home Remedies & Dark Lips Treatment

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Dark Lips TreatmentNatural Lip Care Home Remedies,Today we are going to talk about some simple home remedies or some tips to get beautiful  lips and I am trying my level best to cover all possible issues that we face and I am sure they all tips with work for everyone cause I always use natural things and they work best and perfect.




First of all I want to share some tips to make your lips smooth and beautiful

To get beautiful lips you should use petroleum jelly or Vaseline on your lips all the time, never ever use low quality makeup because it can make your lips darker permanently.

Natural Lip Care Home Remedies  Dark Lips Treatment

Natural Lip Care Home Remedies

Make a homemade lip balm with few drops of beetroot, few fresh and organic Zafran and one tablespoon fresh whole butter milk cream and mix it well, don’t warm it, just mix it well and keep it in air tight jar and use time to time, its best lip balm which can help you get beautiful  pink lips naturally.

Use sugar, lemon juice and almond oil scrub for your lips three to four times a week, it will not only help you get beautiful  natural lip care, it keep your lips naturally pink and it is very good to remove dead cells too and it is very good to help you get fresher baby like lips.

Use honey and lemon juice mask every night to get beautiful smooth beautiful lips naturally and if you are using honey then you don’t need to use any sort of lips balm cause honey is the best moisturizer you possibly can get.

Homemade Natural Lip Care Tips

Pour couple of drops of any essential oil, I normally use almond oil or olive oil, in your belly button and then let it get absorbed absolutely and then go to sleep, it is one simple thing which will help you get absolutely perfect smooth moisturizer skin and your natural lip care too and it is very healthy and affective trick to remove all sort of dryness.

If you have thick and unshaped lips then just make a mixture with finely grinded alum powder and glycerin and apply it on your lips time to time during the day and then on bed time too and wash it off with warm water, it is very good to help you get small lean and delicate lips, plain Zafran will work for that too.

If you have thin lips then start using exfoliations more, use a soft baby tooth brush, apply some petroleum jelly or Vaseline on your lips over night and then rub your lips with that brush and some warm water in the morning and you will see tremendous change within a week, or you can make a lips mask for your thin lips too, take one teaspoon honey and add few drops of lemon and half teaspoon cinnamon powder and mix it well, now apply it all over your natural lip care, it will sizzle a bit, so leave it on your lips for 10 minutes and then wash your lips with warm water, use it every day for a month to see some improvement.

Home Remedies For Soft Natural Lip Care

If you have darker lips naturally and you want to have beautiful pick lips then you need to make homemade lips balm and use it for couple of month’s regularly, and for that you need to take natural organic rose Patel and make a smooth paste with that and then keep it in a air tight jar and when you need to use it, mix some fresh cream with some paste and apply on your lips till it get dry and then rub it off with smooth wet worm cotton towel, and apply some more its best lip balm for your beautiful  lips.