Must-Reads: Are Americans Finally Eating Healthier?

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If you’ve been trading your usual pizza and cookies for healthier fare lately, you’re not alone. For the first time in more than 40 years, Americans are eating healthier, according to new government data. Plus, find out how one woman shut down the haters who didn’t believe she lost 190 pounds. Read on for these and other headlines that caught our eye this week.

Americans Eating Less

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Are Americans Starting to Eat Less?

Good news, folks: Americans’ eating habits are beginning to show signs of improvement. Calorie consumption among adults is on the decline, and the average American child is now eating nine percent fewer calories than they were in 1975.

Most impressively, people are drinking 25 percent less full-calorie soda, compared to what they were downing in the late 1990s. Perhaps as a result, obesity rates have stopped rising. While one-third of Americans are still considered obese, researchers are hopeful that this is the turning point in the fight against obesity. (The New York Times)

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Newspaper Obesity

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Read All About It: Obesity Trends

Love reading your local paper’s coverage of the latest junk food fads? Those stories could be an indicator or something ominous to come. According to a study in the journal BMC Public Health, as coverage of unhealthy foods increased in the New York Times and the Times of London over the past 50 years, so did the obesity rates in those countries. There was a direct correlation between mentions of sweet snacks in the papers and the obesity rate three years later. Sounds like you’re better off reading about the next hot salad trend. (Washington Post)

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This Woman’s Weight Loss Went Viral

Losing a significant amount of weight is an awesome feat — but many people who’ve shed major pounds suffer from excess skin hanging around where they don’t want it. One woman who chronicled her 190-pound weight loss on Instagram was accused of faking it because she didn’t show saggy skin in her pics. We’re so inspired by her response. (BuzzFeed)

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The Weird Thing That Might Help You Sleep

There’s nothing worse than a sleepless night. Skimping on zzz’s can lead to weight gain, compromised workouts and crankiness. (And let’s be real — it just sucks.) You’ve tried all the other sleep hacks out there, but watch this video to learn about the one trick you haven’t tried yet. (New York Magazine)

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Are You Applying Antiperspirant Wrong?

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Are You Applying Antiperspirant Wrong?

One of the side effects of your addiction to a good sweat session (besides extra laundry) might be that you’re using way more deodorant. But have you been applying it wrong all this time? Although it seems completely counterintuitive, find out why you should be putting on antiperspirant at night, not in the morning. (The Verge)

What Motivates You

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Find Your Motivation Style

Let’s face it, getting motivated to work out can be tough. But whether you’re a “carrot” person or a “stick” person, identifying what gets you moving can help you finally master your health and fitness goals. Here are a few strategies that might work for your personality. (Lifehacker)