Moonstone Hair Is The Next Big Trend

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Photo: kelshair on Instagram 

With the myriad of rainbow hair colours making a splash this season, trends such as colour bleed and sapphire blue have made a bold impression among beauty addicts. However, the latest colour to make an explosion is moonstone hair, which is now officially ruling Instagram.

The beautifully titled hair trend allures to the gemstone, which is known for its vibrant light blue and violet shades. Similarly to the moonstone, this inspired hair trend featured integrated shades of lavender, magenta and periwinkle.


Photo: shelleygregoryhair on Instagram 

Beauty addicts are stepping out with soft waves and curls, with shining moonstone hues offering a colourful touch. While some hairstyling addicts are sticking to pink and purple shades, others are leaning toward softer rainbow shades of blue and green. In fact, dark-haired bombshells are also embracing dark moonstone hair, which draws its inspiration from the oil slick hair trend.


Photo: spritelylady on Instagram 

Whichever way you decide to sport the trend, moonstone hair is sure to lighten your locks and your spirits this season. Try sporting a few streaks of the colour trend for a taste of the moonstone look, or plunging into the look with an entirely new and daring head of hair.