Lose Weight With Acupuncture

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Lose weight with acupuncture

By Dr Santosh Pandey , Acupuncture

Losing weight is extremely tedious and you have to work really hard at it. Many a times, to lose weight, you might end up spending a couple of thousands of rupees on it. Even then almost 95% of the people attempting to lose weight, fail miserably at it. In this case, acupuncture can be a real help.

The word ‘Acupuncture’ is derived from two Latin words, ‘Acus’ which means a needle and ‘Pungra’ which means to prick. Acupuncture is the practice of inserting extremely thin needles in your body at specific points known as the energy pathways. The needles act as catalysts and help in releasing endorphins within the body. The endorphins are the feel good hormones of the body and their release give you a calm and relaxed feeling. Acupuncture helps you to relieve your stress and anxiety, as well as to lose weight.

Acupuncture is considered one of the traditional methods of weight loss. It is a Chinese therapy used to treat different issues with the human body. Often, acupuncture is combined with a few other traditional procedure of weight loss. This in turn results in a very satisfying development. If you go for at least two or three acupuncture weight loss sittings, it will give you an exceptionally safe and effective result in terms of your weight.

The most famous acupuncture practice is known as ear stapling. Certain points on the ear are manipulated which in turn, curbs the food cravings. Auricular acupuncture, usually used on cigarette and drug addicts, can also help in the process of losing weight.

Make sure that you are going to a professional and qualified acupuncturist, who knows what he or she is doing, to avoid any risk of injury. If you combine the acupuncture therapy with a proper diet and exercise, you are bound to get the results you have been craving for days.