Lollipop Hair Is The Sweetest Trend Of The New Year

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Photo: bleachedandblown on Instagram 

Even if your New Year’s Resolution is to reduce your sugar intake, you can still appreciate the sweet stuff in the form of beauty trends. From edible chocolate nails to candy-coloured eyeshadow, it’s clear that Winter 2017 looks are drawing their inspiration from our favourite snacks. As the latest sweet trend of the season, lollipop hair is a mixture of bright, neon shades which instantly bring the artificial goodies of childhood to mind.

Photo: angelinka3110 on Instagram 

Staying true to its name, lollipop hair involves hidden ribbons of rainbow-coloured hair, which are expertly concealed under vivid locks. From mermaid inspired shades of lavender and turquoise to milky pale blues, lollipop hair involves a burst of vibrant hues. In fact, some takes on the trend even involve disguised undercuts, with cropped multicoloured strands layered underneath.

Photo: plushblow on Instagram

From flowing, wavy manes to funky asymmetrical bobs, it’s clear that lollipop hair has officially made a splash. If you want to hide your rainbow highlights with a swath of pastel-hued hair, this look just may be worth a try. While it’s certainly not a professional hairstyle, lollipop locks just might be a chic hairdo for the adventurous creative soul who needs a hair makeover this winter.