Is FATwater the New Bulletproof Coffee?

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Is FATwater the New Bulletproof Coffee?

Photo: FATwater

You’ve tried coconut waters, vitamin waters, maple waters and more. But now, there’s a new H2O hitting the shelves, and its name — FATwater — might throw you for a loop.

Created by none other than Dave Asprey, biohacker, author and the brains behind Bulletproof coffee, FATwater hit shelves earlier this summer. And if you’re already hooked on the energizing (and filling) effects of mixing butter into your morning brew, this new beverage might intrigue you.

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A fusion of water and oil, FATwater is made with Asprey’s special mix of Bulletproof XCT Oil, which is derived from the same types of fat found in coconut oil. “FATwater leverages the power of fat from coconuts to drive hydration in a new way and disrupt an industry addicted to sugary drinks,” Asprey said in a press release. “When you take control of your hydration, you perform better.” In short, the drink claims to energize you without raising your blood sugar levels.

Watching your weight? Despite its name, each 16-ounce bottle of FATwater only contains 20 calories and two grams of fat. The jury’s still out on whether this drink really offers any healthy benefits — but Asprey’s committed to giving fatty foods a healthy makeover. After all, he lost more than 100 pounds by introducing healthy fats into his diet — and limiting bad stuff like trans fats and sugar.

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