How to Use A Nail Dotting Tool

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How to Use A Nail Dotting ToolHow to Use A Nail Dotting Tool – Nails though mini feature of the body but if they are beautified designed by nail art then give the stunning look to the whole hand. Nail art is the symbol of our individuality and creativity. But to create the impressive nail art with accuracy, the use of nail art tools is required.

The use of nail dotting tools is one among them:

The nail dotting tool has long ending with small round ball at the tip and used to make dots in nail art designs. Nail dotting brushes may also be used for creating polka dots on nails. With these dotting tools small dots, flower is made with practice and precision, these brushes can be used to swirl multiple colors.


  1. Prepare your nails with perfect manicure and shaping them in trendy way.
  2. Apply the nail polish and allow it to dry in normal usual way, it will offer a background for further nail art.
  3. Select the color of nail polish which is contrast to the back ground color for the application of dots.
  4. It is not wise to dip the dotting tool inside the bottle, which carry enough amounts with it and difficult to handle but take some polish at the non porous surface and use it as desired.
  5. Depending upon the design the dotting polish is picked by the dotting tools as small dots or big dots. The formation of polka dots nail art is popular trend and looks pleasing. But endless choices are available from floral patterns to simple insertion of random dots at the entire nail, If these dots are strategically applied will give a very charming look to the nails.
  6. Once these dots are applied with dotting tools allow them to dry.
  7. Now apply the top coat at the dotted surface to preserve the pattern.
  8. After using the dotting tools clean them with tissue or with nail polish remover and save them to use again.