How To Trim Human Toenails Properly

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How To Trim Human Toenails ProperlyHow To Trim Human Toenails Properly – While we talk about personal hygiene cutting of nails either of hands or toe nails is health issue. We need to trim our toe nails after regular intervals for health purposes and for aesthetic looks. It is not a difficult process just needs the good nail cutter and basket to collect the nails.

To carry out the procedure the following essential steps are to be taken:

  • Before cutting soak your feet in warm water with olive oil and cuticle cream.
  • After about 15 minutes soaking take out your feet and dry them with towel.
  • With the use of orange stick or cuticle pusher   push back the cuticle around the nail.
  • Take the toe nail cutter with good working condition, and trim toe nail keeping in mind not cut too short.
  • Contour the shape of the toe while cutting your toe nail with clipper.
  • Not to cut from sides of the nail too deeply as it will cause in growing of the edges, this results in pain and infection.
  • File the edges of the nail after cutting them to avoid jagging and chipping. The strokes of the filer should be in one direction otherwise nails get brittle and cracked.
  • For personal hygienic care use the nail filer solely to avoid the transference of bacteria and other fungal infection.


  1. Not to trim the cuticles as it will bleed.
  2. Do not cut too quickly as it will cut skin.
  3. Dip your cutting tools in soapy water or boil them before use.