How to Remove Warts at Home

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Skin warts or skin tags are the problem creates great irritation if these are present on exposed parts of skin especially if at face or arms. Warts or skin tags are mostly present on hands and on feet; these are out growth of the skin which are either of blister shape or in the form of cluster.

The warts are removed and usually disappear with the passage of time itself. These are usually harmless. There are as many as 10 different varieties of warts. Now there are number of methods to remove them as laser, surgery etc but the application of chemical treatment especially of salicylic treatment is effective for there removal ” How to Remove Warts”.

How to Remove Warts on Face


The warts are treated in home by the use of following home products.

  1. The juice of aloe Vera is rubbed on warts may cause them to disappear.
  2. Papaya, pineapple, banana and fig peel contain enzymes which dissolve   the warts from surface.
  3. The fresh extract of plant fig when applied and rubbed o the wart will remove it in safe manner.
  4. A weed known as milk weed is also effective. Its sap or milk is applied on the wart, it will remove the wart dramatically and the skin looks normal.
  5. The foods which contain sulfur containing amino acids as eggs; citrus fruit asparagus will restrict their growth.
  6. Soak the area with wart in warm water and apply on it apple cider vinegar with cotton ball for 10 to 15 minutes rubbing, it will remove the wart after some days.
  7. Cut the thick piece of potato and keep it on wart. Then cover the piece with some  tape or bandage for 4 to 7 days until the decomposition of potato start and after it the wart become turned to black and  leave the skin. In this way it is superficially removed how to remove warts.
  8. Make a paste of baking soda in water and rub the wart with this concentrated paste at least 3-4 times in a day and then washed or it soak the cloth with the paste of mixture and some castor oil and place on the wart for some days with some adhesive bandage.
  9. Open the stem of dandelion of and rub it on wart two to three times a day. It will remove the wart in three or four weeks.
  10. Apply the juice of cauliflower on wart until it will fall “how to remove warts “.
  11. Apply vitamin E and the clove of garlic on wart and cover the wart with some adhesive bandage. It will also remove the wart from the skin and leave the normal skin behind.

How to Remove Warts at Home