How To Make Your Hair Beautiful In 6 Step

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How To Make your Hair BeautifulHow To Make your Hair Beautiful, Beautiful hairs are the part of stunning personality. It’s the symbol of feminine characters. So as we grow we try to groom us with beautiful hair with beautiful style.

How To Make Hair Beautiful At Home

How To Make Hair Beautiful And Shiny
How To Make Hair Beautiful And Shiny

To make the hair beautiful we have to care our hair by many means just as follow;

  • By using adequate diet.
  • By using suitable ways for cleansing.
  • By proper use of   hair care products natural and synthetic.

By Using Adequate Diet

The diet plays a major role in our body health. In this fastest way of life style we are often just to fill up our stomach like a handbag or just to eat to satisfy our taste buds. Here we need to fulfill the requirements of our hair food by keeping in view the stuff making our hair strong and healthy, for this purpose our hairs need suitable minerals and vitamins for their growth. The minerals include sulphur and iodine in sufficient quantities. Vitamin A, B, and E are important for hair growth. For this purpose we have to eat nuts, legumes, fresh fruits. Fish and cereals.

How To Make Hair Beautiful And Shiny Naturally
How To Make Hair Beautiful And Shiny Naturally

By Using Suitable Ways for Cleansing.

Proper cleansing of hair with regular intervals of time is necessary to make the fresh look. Do organic or inorganic wash whether synthetic or natural, all do with good care because of its long term effects..

By Proper Use of Hair Care Products Natural and Synthetic:

All hair care products will be according to hair compatibility, in home following hair care remedies should be used for beautiful hairs..

1.      Regular hair massaging with olive oil, coconut oil. Castor oil done regularly to increase the circulation of blood to promote the growth of hair.

2.      Mix egg yolk, vinegar and hair oil and apply in to hairs for an hour before wash.

3.      Make a paste of 2 tbs of amla powder, 3tbs of lemon juice and some water into it and apply on hairs after every 2 weeks and notice the beautiful effects of it.

4.       Take 2-3 tbs of raw amla powder and add in to it 4 tbs of coconut oil and massage into hair to provide hair natural tonic and increase its growth.

5.       Take one tbs of lemon seeds and one tbs of black pepper, grind these and apply it on hairs for rich growth of healthy hairs.

6.        Mehndi leaves with cup of yogurt and an egg with 2 tea spoons of lemon juice ,make a paste of all this and apply on hairs  then wash  after 2 hours give beautiful shiny hairs with healthy look.

How To Make Hair Beautiful And Strong
How To Make Hair Beautiful And Strong

Healthy hairs are attained just by good care and proper attention.