How to Make The Dotting Tools With House Hold Items

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How to Make The Dotting ToolsHow to Make The Dotting Tools With House Hold Items – It is an old saying’ that necessity is the mother of invention.” You can use many house hold items to make your dotting tools in nail art designs.




NAIL ART Dotting Tools

The Following House Hold Items are The Best Substitution of Dotting Tools


The dotting tools used in nail art are with long ending and round ball at the tip. The bobby pins are used instead of these as they have already plastic coated head to protect the scalp from scratches; the same coated heads are used to place the dots in nail art. Open one of it until it gets straight and dip in the polish to use in nail art.

Bobby Pins For Dotting Nails Designs


These pins are used in cloth making and mending and good alternate of the professional dotting tool. It is quite thin to handle, just give it hold with the pencil eraser and use it for dotting.

Dotting Nails Designs For Straight Pins


Thin paint brushes with small tip are used as the dotting tools. Make up brushes with pointed tip may also be used for dotting purposes.

Use Paint Brush For Nails


If the pen has no ink then it is the ideal for creating dots in the nail art.

Use Dotting Ball Point For Nails


Tooth pick is also the best selection for dotting purposes but the tip is too small to give the noticeable appearance of dot. So you may fix some small beads used in embroidery of clothes at the tip of the tooth picks.  Now dip these tips in nail polish and apply dots.

ToothPicks For Dotting Nails


These also do good job for dotting as if the pointed lead tip is broken or blunt tip give more good results for the insertion of dots in nail art.

Small Pencils For Dotting Nail Designs