How to Get Beautiful Lips Naturally

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Red Lips TipsThere are lots of shades and lots of texture of lip gloss and lipsticks, but nothing is better than naturally red and beautiful moisturized lips, and it is not actually that much easy to have beautiful lips even if you were born with beautiful soft pink lips, but you can have beautiful lips with these tips.

First of all the most important thing, never ever use low quality cosmetic on your lips, your face and your skin is the most sensitive and the most precious thing, never ever compromise with that and always use best petroleum jelly or Vaseline on your lips when you go to sleep.

Never underestimate the power of exfoliation and never forget your lips when you exfoliate your skin, you have to scrub off the dead skin from your lips at least twice a week and you can actually use plain salt, sugar or plain alum powder to do that.

How to Get Beautiful Lips Naturally

How to Get Beautiful Lips Naturally

The best lip scrubber is one that we make with olive oil and sugar and you can add a bit lime in it to get beautiful  and smooth lops, even if you have very dark lips, I can bet after some time you would be able to see the difference.

Use lip balm and if you want to get duple the impact then grind some organic rose petal with fresh cream and then apply that over your lips every night and then rub it off with wet towel in the morning   and it will help you get beautiful and healthy lips naturally, try to avoid artifice things like get beautiful lips balms with dyes and artificial ingredients.

How to Make Beautiful Lips For Get Beautiful Lips

Use a soft bristle brush with a bit of toothpaste and rub your lips, your gums and your tongue with that , I can bet you will see something brown coming out and then wash your mouth and face with running water and this routine will give you pink smile naturally.

Drink lots of water and eat healthy food, but even after all of these things you feel dry and rough lips you probably need to do something else, make a routine, you need to take one table spoon slightly worm almond oil and lie down on your back and pour that in your belly button drop by drop and let it get absorbed in your belly, this is the best way to get moisturizer from inside out and I am not talking about only your lips, your whole body, it is very good trick to solve the dry skin issues.

How to Get Beautiful Lips Naturally  Red Lips Tips

Now at the last I am going to give you a very interesting tips, if you have used a ill quality cosmetic and now you are sucked with badly shaded lips then you need to find the best fairness cream, I would say use stillman’s bleaching cream or famous chins fairness cream archi on your lips, leave it overnight and rub it off with wet towel in the morning and you will see a difference in a week, this is a very simple way to get beautiful lips pink lips for ever.