How to Choose and Apply Concealer

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How to Choose and Apply Concealer
How to Choose and Apply Concealer

Concealer is a common beauty tool to disguise blemishes, under-eye dark circles, ruddiness and other skin flaws. However, many different formulas and different application techniques leave the people a bit confused while choosing a concealing product. Take a look at our tips about how to choose and apply concealer to mask all the possible skin imperfections like a professional.

Must-Know Concealer Tips

At the outset, make it clear what you would like to conceal and pick off the most applicable concealer formula and application techniques accordingly.

Pen Concealer

Due to its pure and incandescent formula, pen concealer is considered an ideal beauty aid to camouflage dark circles in the under-eye area. It makes the skin in subtle under eye area bright and luminous. Its glowing formula reflects light and thereby covers up skin flaws. It also serves the purpose of face highlighter efficiently.

Pencil Concealer

Pencil concealer is the right product to hide small skin imperfections such as dark spots, blemishes, freckles or acne. It’s easy to dab dots and covers the full imperfect skin are. It is not suggested to use it on the bigger skin areas, as it seems and feels a bit heavy.

Cream Concealer

Cream concealer offers complete coverage and is perfect for larger skin areas such as area around the eyes. Cream concealer is mostly highly-pigmented; therefore a little amount is enough to mask the imperfections.

Stick Concealer

Basically, stick concealer is formulated to color-correct red skin tone. It is yellow-based thick formula that works great to camouflage red spots and irritations. Aside from this, it also helps you fight off pimples.

Liquid Concealer

Liquid concealer offers average coverage and is the right choice when it comes to conceal freckles and capillaries. Its light formula enables you to put it on to the entire face to even out the complexion. It looks and feels light on the skin and well-hydrate the skin. To apply the concealer evenly, it is advised to use sponge or brush.