How to Apply Shellac on Nails

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Glitter to Shellac NailsHow to Apply Shellac on Nails – Beautiful hands with groomed nails are the requirement for appealing look. For this regular manic cures are to be taken in home or in saloon.

But what happen with our nails as we spend our worthy time in manicure and putting beautiful nail polish, after a couple of days it will get peeling or chipping from the tips and if you are busy working women then you have not much time to be spent on daily varnishing your nails.

Thanks to cosmetic industry which offers the new discovery of shellac nail polish. The shellac nail polish is the combination of nail paint and gel. Unlike the soak off gels it comes in polish bottles and unlike the traditional polishes it dries under the UV lamps.

How to Apply Shellac on Nails

Here are Some Things Apply Shellac on Nails


  • It needs no buffing.
  • Easy to apply and remove.
  • Color will lasts for 15 days without any chipping and fading shine.

properties of Shellac For Apply Shellac on Nails


  1. Perform the proper manicure and prepare the nail beds by removing any grease or stain from them as they adhere the polish firmly.
  2. Push the cuticles back manually or with cuticle pusher.
  3. Apply the thin UV base coat of shellac polish and allow it to dry for 10 seconds under the UV lamp.
  4. Apply the second thin UV colored coat and allow it to cure again under the CND UV lamp, which is usually available in nail saloons. This coat gives complete coverage if you are using an opaque color.
  5. Next to it apply UV top coat in thin layer and cure it under the UV CND lamp.
  6. To remove the top film and to expose the shine use the cotton swab soaked in alcohol for wiping.

How toApply Shellac on Nails  For Apply Acrylic Nails

CND’s Solar Oil is applied on each nail.