Honeymoon Erectile Dysfunction

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Honeymoon Erectile Dysfunction

By Dr M.S Ambekar, Sexology

Honeymoon- the very word evokes an adolescent fantasy. From the day your marriage has been decided, you have planned your honeymoon meticulously with the best of arrangements. However, honeymoons can turn into nightmares pretty soon. Honeymoon is the initiation of a permanent intimacy with your wife that is both physical and emotional. However, if at that special intimate moment, you falter, and your wife is left aghast and disappointed, you surely will repent for the rest of your life. This very problem is at the heart of honeymoon erectile dysfunction or honeymoon impotency.

While in the western world, sexuality is hardly a taboo, in the east, it is. Due to social and religious stigma across various societies in the oriental part, the newlyweds are generally deemed virgin and hence, inexperienced. Hence, once the couple is left alone to explore themselves, they often are at a loss as anxiety creeps in. However, recent studies have come up with valid data that cites other reasons.

A recent study hinted at a possible lack of blood flow to the penis, leading to erection troubles. The study also revealed that most of these people who were having this problem believed it to be a mental block and sought psychological treatment. However, other researchers stick to the depression formula and also point out that the blood flow tests often render false positive results. They also debunk this west-east division in terms of sexual openness as a possible reason. Most of the young ones grow unconfident when their partner outperforms them and often, they are afraid of potential sexually transmitted diseases during their intimacy. Hence, honeymoon impotency, whatever the root cause may be, generally have an umbrella treatment. However, you need to act fast, or you are going to lose your special moments forever. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a sexologist.