Home Remedy For Cracked Cuticles

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Cracked Cuticles TreatmentThere are hundreds and thousands tips to deal with bad and cracked cuticles, we just need to see which one is good for us, cause things response differently from body to body and if one thing is good for other that might not work for us as so we just need to see which one will work for us, but there is one thing that I can assure you, there is always something that can work for your and if you prepare yourself that you just use natural things then you will get natural remedies for almost everything.

So today I am going to share few things that I use for my nails and cuticles and they always work for me and it take only one week and I get my healthy looking hands and nails back, so try and see if they work for you.

Home Remedy For Cracked Cuticles

Cracked Cuticles Home Remedy

Shea Butter

Without any doubt, Shea Butter is one of the most famous and best natural butter we have at the moment, basically it is a butter that we get from a African nut and it is full with benefits and useful vitamins. It has been used to fix cracked and damaged cuticles for ages, old wives has been use this even before modern science discover it and informed the world that it has so many useful and good qualities that you can use for so many purposes.

It has so many qualities that cannot only heel your cracked hands heels cuticles, but it can actually keep them soft healthy and moisturized and it can heel all kind of wounds and can make any scar go easily, it has some vanishing properties too. It is not something that you cannot find in your local grocery store so just use it as a night hand cream and foot cream and never forget to use it after every hand wash to get permanent healthy soft dreamy hands and feet.

Shea Butter For Cracked Cuticles


It is another very brilliant and magical home remedy for your hands and all kind of skin help, you can use it for all kind of skin issues and I bet you will see a result really soon. This strong anti-fungal, antibacterial natural thing can help you with acne and other skin issues too and at the same time it can be used for cracked cuticles, there are so many magical and miraculous vitamins and they can help your skin to produce natural oil in itself so you don’t need to apply anything externally.

Neem is also high in Vitamin E and other essential oils which can deal with bacteria and germs at the same time it fight with bad germs and infections too and you can use it for oily skin and dry hair and scalp issues too , you can use Neem in any form, you can buy gels, lotion or powder from or you can use the leaves and fruit of that tree and can make your own home made past to use, I highly recommend you to make one with your own hands if you can manage to get Neem in natural shape.

Neem For Cracked Cuticles

Don’t forget to eat balanced food to make things work the way they supposed to work.