Hand Treatment at Home For Dry Hands

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Best Hand Treatment at HomeHands are of the key importance in feminine beauty. These are part of the body which has to bear all the wear and tear by the ill use of this part. The hands are exposed to all kinds of environmental factors, the persons who are doing the manual works or the house wives facing greatly the hazards and of all outer damaging factors.

These are the organs which need the care as much as the face. The skin of the hands shows the signs of aging and tearing more rapidly as compared to the face if not properly looked after. So the following steps should be followed for their care.

Hand Treatment at Home For Dry Hands

Here are Some Things Hand Treatment


  • The skin of the hands should be exfoliated once in a week with suitable scrubber either home made or chemically synthesized. It may be scrubbed by sugar or salt solution with lemon juice but the procedure is not in harsh manner to loose skin especially at the finger joints.

Exfoliation For Dry Hands


  • At night before going to bed apply the moisturizing lotion and cover them with gloves. At morning wash those with mild soap. It will give the softness to your hands. After every wash, massage the hands with hand lotion so that they remain soft hand treatment. The lotion of glycerin and rose water also works best for the youthful appearance of hands.

How to Have Super Soft Hand Treatment


  • The hand lotion with cocoa butter and almond oil is good for the rejuvenating the skin of hands and for nourishing the skin. It will be made by heating the bee wax with cocoa butter and by adding 4 tabs of almond oil in it and made a smooth paste. This will be devoid of synthetic chemicals and works well for the skin of hands because devoid of toxic ingredients.

Prepare Your Own Hand Lotion For Softening of Hands

Always do the manicure with consistency to get the fruitful results in form of soft beautiful hands.