Hair Loss Myths Exposed

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Hair Loss Myths Exposed
Hair Loss Myths Exposed

There are many myths behind hair loss both in males and females. Below we analyze some of myths about hair loss.

Washing mane daily causes hair loss: Washing tresses frequently is not related to hair loss in any manner. Shower and shampoo only remove lifeless hair.

Hair falls because of Blow dryer: Blow dry can be a source of injury to the tresses but is not linked with hair loss in any manner. It usually dehydrates the tresses which are not related to hair loss.

Use of sunhats triggers hair loss: Wearing sunhats does not pull your tresses so is not related to hair loss.

Tresses upkeep products originate hair loss: There is no scientific evidence about hair care products causing hair loss. You can use as much quantity of these products as you like.

Certain hairdos cause hair loss: Astonishingly this myth is really true. Usually thrilling hairstyles cause snags with mane loss in females. Cornrows and pigtails can exert extreme burden on tresses and pull them out.

Sunlight makes your hair thicker: Both true and false: Exposure to sunlight actually enhances vitamin D levels which is quite helpful in hair growth. Appropriate exposure actually thickens tresses.