Hair Lice Treatment

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Hair Lice Treatment – Having lice in hair is really annoying. Children get it more frequently than elders. The reason can be poor hygiene or sharing combs, bedding and head covers with someone already having stinking lice. The itching starts, whenever a louse bites the head of the affected person. It’s not difficult to completely purify hair from these insects.

Hair Lice Treatment For Homemade Hair Care Tips

Here are Some Things Hair Lice Treatment


Make sure you wash your hair daily with clean fresh water. Use a shampoo that suits your hair type. Condition after that and pat dry with a washed towel. If your child has this problem it can be even more disturbing. Kids are not sensible enough to avoid this abominable problem. Tell them to stay tidy and clean. Never let any dirt tangle in their hair. Many kids play in mud and public parks or playgrounds. So, they get their hair dirty. When poor hygiene is practiced for a longer time, it causes lice. Therefore, make sure your children stay as clean as possible.

Personal Hygiene Hair Care

Anti-Lice Formula

There are some externally used lotions, creams and shampoos, which kill insects living on the head. The poisonous effect in those products destroys this parasite. The dead ones are then removed out by combing several times, until all are taken out and dumped. Always consult a doctor before buying a strong chemical lotion, as most of these are quite damaging for delicate hair lice treatment.

Anti Lice Treatment For Hair  Hair Lice Treatment


A home remedy to get rid of filthy parasite is to use mayonnaise. It is a common dressing used in salads, sauces and sandwich fillings. How does it help? In fact, it stops air from entering hair.

As a result, it causes lice to suffocate. The final outcome is death of the insects. The creature suddenly dies, when it is deprived of oxygen. A thick coat of mayonnaise all over the hair will do the trick. Keep in mind it’s not any flavored spread, but only plain mayonnaise.

Mayonnaise For Hair Treatment  Hair Lice Treatment

Tea Tree oil: This insecticide is safe to use, especially for children.

To prepare this mixture simply add these ingredients in regular shampoo:

  • Tea tree oil
  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Olive oil
  • Use this shampoo. It will give a great relief.

Stop Sharing

In some households, everyone shares same combs, towel and beds. Try not to share caps, hoods, pillows etc. Don’t bring head closer to someone already affected with lice. These spread rapidly from one person to another.

Specially Designed Combs

Many combs with narrow bristles are available that are specifically used to trap lice. Use this comb several times a day. Move it in different directions all over hair to take all lice out. Wash away trapped insects in the sink or dump in a tissue paper or small paper bag etc.

Specially Designed Combs For Hair Lice TreatmentFor too lousy hair, a twisted thread can be fitted in the bristles of the comb in a zigzag manner. It will not let a single louse remain behind. Start cleaning your hair as soon as you feel the problem of lice. These multiply quickly.