Glitter Tears Nail Art Is A New Take On The Shimmering Mani

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Photo: jiwinaia on Instagram 

While glittery tears may have caused a sensation last year as a new makeup look which worked perfectly for festival season, glitter tear nails are the latest take on the trend. In fact, sparkling nails adorned with tiny dots of colourful shimmer are now making a splash on Instagram.

Popularized by Milan-based designer Marisa Jiwi Seok, the look of glitter tear nail art recently made a grand entrance on social media. With their strategic spots of sparkle and their punchy pastel tones, the nails certainly capture the spotlight.

If you’re aiming to seize the look for yourself, try creating a French tip on every nail, using a different rainbow tone of glitter nail polish. Next, sprinkle glitter down the surface of the fingernail, for an eye-catching and girlish effect.

Although party-ready glitter tear manicures may not be an appropriate look for the office, they can certainly flatter your fingertips for a night out. For a welcome change from your classic beige tips or scarlet nail polish, turn to glitter tear nails instead. If you want to keep up a sparkling beauty statement well into the winter months, this emerging mani trend just may be one to embrace now.