Get Long Healthy Nails

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Get Long Healthy NailsYour nails are the mirror of your diet and lifestyle. If your diet is lacking essential nutrients, it will be shown off through fragile, broken and short nails and if you are consuming nutrient rich diet, your nails will be healthy, long and strong. Long nails always look attractive and enhance the beauty of your hands. Getting the desirable long nails isn’t much challenging. All you need to do is to follow a few simple tips;

Strengthen your nails from inside by taking supplements of biotin vitamin B4. This vitamin is usually used to improve the strength of horse hooves which are formed of the same stuff as human nails–keratin.

Add to intake of zinc. There is no need to take zinc supplements for this purpose; just increase the intake of zinc rich snacks such as hard-boiled egg and milk to make your nails as well as entire body healthier and stronger.

Buff your nails on daily basis or at least massage them regularly. If you have a nail buffer, briskly rub it backward and forward on the smooth surface of your fingernails. This improves blood flow to the nail bed and promotes growth.

Massage your nails with a little olive oil regularly before bedtime. This will moisturize your nails which is a must for healthy nails, especially during the winter, when nails are more susceptible to breakage. Olive oil massage will enhance the suppleness of the nails and thus prevent cracking and breaking.

Cut down on the consumption of saturated fat plus sugar. Both these ingredients are bad for your body and this way they’re equally bad for your nails too.

Get your hands into the gloves while getting engaged in household chores such as washing dishes. The chemicals present in the detergents can wreak havoc on your nails. Prolonged exposure to water can also leave your nails brittle and prone to breakage.

Don’t nudge back the cuticles aggressively. Rather gently push them back at 45 degree angle. Being violent can hurt your cuticle, which in turn harm and deteriorate your nails.

Keep your nails polished. Nail polish actually offers your nails an additional protective layer and thus helps keeping them strong.