Fuller Upper Lip Naturally & Tips to Make Lips Look Fuller

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Tips to Make Lips Look FullerFuller Upper Lip – Lips on face after eyes are the prominent feature. The fuller lips as of the Hollywood actresses are sexier and beautifully shaded with lipsticks make the elegant looks.

The men are also more obsessive for fuller lips as compared to thin lips that‘s why most women wish to attain the sexier and fuller lips. There are different techniques to make them fuller.



Fuller Upper Lip Naturally  Tips to Make Lips Look Fuller

How to Make Fuller Upper Lip


  • There are different cosmetic enhancements as stencils, lip injections, chemically synthesized compounds, and the cosmetic surgery to make the lips fuller. All of these may have some good and bad effects. But these add the collagen and elastic fats to the lips to make them fuller. These are temporary to some extent as with the passage of time the deposited to be added melt and leave the original shape and thickness of the lips.

Fuller Upper Lip Naturally


  • As with the age the elasticity of the skin reduces and the muscles of the face get to be loosened. The lips appear to be thinner. There are certain exercises which increase the blood flow to the muscles around the mouth and in turn increase the production of collagen. This in turn adds the natural plumping substance to your lips. To pretend in the form of smile and kiss   by holding your face in such position for at least five seconds will surely add much to increase the beauty of your fuller upper lip. This process is repeated many times in a day.

How to Make My Top Lip Bigger


  • By applying the lip liner in right shade and in correct form helpful in making your lips fuller, the lip liner is applied slightly outward from the lip line and the cupids of the upper lip are lined with brown pencil and then apply the lip color. Blend this brown pencil with the lip color. It will surely give the fuller appearance to your upper lip.

Make Your Top Lip Fuller

The lipstick is applied in lighter shades at the corners of the lips and the middle of upper and lower lips are given the shine with the lip gloss, it will also give the illusion of fuller lips.