French Manicure Tips

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French Manicure Tips For Step by StepSome think it is the classic style of looking after the nails while other thinks it is the most simple and trendy. The French manicure is the art of polishing the nails at the tips with white paint.

The rest of the nail is polished with light pink or beige polish. White tip of the nail is there is the great difference in opinion about the French Mani cure. Some think that it is the significant feature of this type of manicure.

French Manicure Tips

French Manicure Tips For Step by Step


The following steps to be needed for the French manicure which make it different from others;

STEP # 01: You need following things for the process.

  • A base coat.
  • The nail paint of neutral color.
  • The top coat.
  • The white tip coat.
  • The nail polish remover.
  • The nail oil or some edible oil.
  • A cotton pad.
  • Cuticle oil.
  • Hand moisturizer.

STEP# 02: If there is any previous coat of nail paint or nail polish stains it will be removed with nail polish remover.

Nail Polish Remover

STEP# 03: Apply the cuticle oil at the nails; allow it to set for some time.

Applying The Cuticle Oil at The Nails

STEP# 04; File up your nails with fine emery board. Use it in one direction.

Glass Emery Board Nail File

STEP# 05: Now remove the cuticles with the cuticle remover by soaking your hands in the warm water or by manually pushing the cuticle at the back.

Nails Removing Fingernail Cuticles

STEP# 06: Wash your hands to clean the oil from the nails so that the nail polish sticks to it properly.

How to Clean Your Fingernails

STEP # 07: Apply the base coat or some primer of transparent paint to the nail.

How to Paint Your Nails

STEP # 08: Now the tip of the nail is painted with cream shade or white varnish in neat and smooth way and in single stroke. If another stroke is required it will be given if the first is fully dried. The remaining nail is covered by some card board so that only the tip of the nail is to be painted.

Barry M Matte Nail Paint

STEP # 09: Now apply the colored polish coat. For the classic French manicure the pink or beige shade are used.

Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat Color Strong Nail  French Manicure Tips

STEP# 10: Now the top coat is applied to seal the underneath colors. But first is allowed to be dried completely.

STEP #10: If there is smudging of the base or top coat with the white tip of the nail it will be removed and the whole is repeated with extra care.

French Manicure Tips