Facial Contouring Overview

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By Dr. Anubhav Gupta, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery

For all the Snowhites and their Prince Charmings of today, mirrors on the walls are no longer the only reflexive screen. Selfie cameras, DSLRs and of course Facebook, Instagram and all such social media portals make the task of being the ‘fairest of them all’, a really serious affair. Therefore, make-up is no longer a child’s play. Not only is it perceived as an essential skill, but also is regarded with a lot of seriousness. Media icons and celebrities all over the world swear by make-up. Make-up artists all over the globe have been able to render a completely different look on these celebrities. For our day to day social affairs as well, make-up has become integral to how we carry ourselves. In fact, over and above the enhancement of eyes and lips, toning the skin is one of the most important make-up tropes. The mantra here is to wear make-up but look as natural as possible. In that regard, facial contouring is one of the most reliable make-up tricks.

Contouring involves using make-up to redefine the shape of one’s face. One needs to use matte products like cream, powder and pencils of shades two skin-tone darker than one’s complexion to accentuate the shape of one’s face. It requires one to apply such cosmetics to one’s preferred parts of the face like nose, cheekbones, forehead or chin to enhance the shape of the face in the desired way. There are various ways of contouring one’s face, depending upon one’s shape of the face. Some of the best contouring results may be obtained when used with highlighters. Contouring reshapes the natural roundedness and relieves one of the unwanted heaviness and puffiness. It also lifts the jawline to make the face more appealing. A contouring job done perfectly gives one the much needed glam touch and essentially requires no other making up. Therefore, for anyone who vouches for the right kind of make up, contouring is arguably the most vital and necessary step.