Dark underarms treatment Recover; Dark Under Arms

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The skin at arm pits usually gets darker and gives unpleasant look when you have to wear sleeveless shirts. It is due to continuous removal of tick hairs at under arms regularly so it should be recovered and cared as other parts of body. The first thing before the recovery is to find the reason of this. There may be following reason for this.

  1. Constant friction between the body skin and cloth wearing.
  2. Use of tight clothing as tight blouses.
  3. Some fungul or bacterial infection.
  4. Use of sub standard methods or products of hair removal.
  5. Discoloration due to allergy of some deodorant or fragrance.
  6. Repeated use of hair removal methods as shaving or hair removal creams after short intervals.
  7. excessive sweating

Whatever the cause may be it is irritating especially if you have such body movements when your armpits are exposed. So to cure it first to find out the root cause of this and then try to eliminate it first.

HOME REMEDIES TO CURE for Dark underarms treatment;

In order to bleach the skin and change its color to lighten there is first thing to check the method of hair removal. The hair removal creams not be used frequently because in this way the hairs are removed superficially and their roots remain inside and then their growth become fast after regular trimming and give the darker shade to the skin.  Similarly if the removal is by shaving then also the skin gets darker with passage of time.  So method of hair removal should be checked first. By waxing the hair growth should be   restricted to some extent and by continuous use of this method the skin discoloration is also recovered. Any how if the skin got the darker shade it may be recovered by the use of following home made tips.

  • By applying lemon juice to the skin of under arms after removal of hairs will   give it to lighter shade.
  • Use of alum powder instead of deodorant will also retain the original color of the skin.
  • Apply some baking soda after each shower and rub it gently.
  • Apply vitamin E oil to the skin of under arm after taking shower.
  • I tabs of lemon juice and 1 tabs of cucumber juice with the pinch of turmeric powder and apply it to for 20 minutes and after then it is rinsed with water. it is very effective to recover the color.
  • A paste of curd, gram flour and turmeric powder in appropriate quantities are also excellent remedy for darker arm pits.
  • Application of some citrus oil which has bleaching effect also removes the dark color of skin.
  • A paste of sandalwood with rose water is also effective for soothing and rejuvenating the skin. It also cures the skin damage by its unique properties of skin care.
  • Make the cream of olive oil, jojoba oil and wheat gram oil in equal quantities and keep it in bottle and apply the mixture at the darker skin of arm pits for at least 20 minutes and after it is rinsed with Luke warm water. It should be done once in a week.


The exfoliation is very necessary to remove the darker skin color. The exfoliation may be done with some scrubber either available in market or made in home. It may be made  by taking the unpolished rice and ground them  to make the coarse powder and add in to it the apple cider vinegar, mix the paste and rub it gently on the darker skin, after  that rinsed with cold water. It will recover the skin to its original color. For scrubbing the skin the pumice stone may be used. It will remove the in growing hairs as well as any black heads or white heads at under arm pits.


The hair removal creams should be avoided. Razors with sharp blades should not be used it cause skin damage as well as discoloration, Instead of deodorant use anti perspiring powders to keep the skin away from friction. There is no specific food to control the discoloration just the precautionary measures are used to recover the skin.