Concealer Application Tips An Easy Guide for the Beginners

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Concealer Application Tips An Easy Guide for the BeginnersConcealer is an integral art of the makeup that dramatically conceals all of your skin flaws creating the illusion of crystal clear skin. However, getting the most out of concealer is a bit tricky, especially for the beginners. A few helpful concealer application tips are given here that will definitely make it easy to conceal the skin flaws with a concealer if you are a beginners:

Choosing Right Color is the Key

Concealer is available in many different colors. Picking the right shade of concealer is one of the mainstays of proper concealer application. Match the concealer shade with your natural skin tone or the area you are trying to camouflage will become more noticeable.

Put on Foundation First

Prior to the application of concealer, first put on your foundation makeup to even out your skin tone. As a foundation too offers a little coverage, so, be sure not to overdo with the concealer. If you are fair-complexioned lady, you can also use a tinted moisturizer in place of foundation.

Smear Concealer in Good Light

To avoid making the concealer look caked on and unnatural, wear concealer in good lighting. It is advised to seat near a sunny window to get best possible results.

Use Light-Weight Concealer to Cover Under-Eye Circles

Make use of a light-weight, creamy concealer to conceal under-eye circles as the stick formula tend to settle into the fine lines and look caked. After applying eye cream, apply concealer in the under eye area with your fingers.

Use a Concealer Brush to Conceal Blemishes

If unfortunately you have to cover up a few blemishes too, use a concealer-brush with manufactured hairs to get the best outcome. Get some cream concealer over the brush and dab it on to the blemish light-handedly.

Apply Loose Powder to Set Concealer

After you have done with the concealer application, sweep a bit loose powder throughout your face with an outsized fluffy brush. This way you will make your concealer last all day long.