Colorful Art Design For Lips & Tips For Perfect Matte Lipstick

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Tips For Perfect Matte LipstickFind the right make-up colors for your lips, We know that lipsticks are no longer as famous as they once were, but still they are best to get the chic and understated look which will show off the natural shapeliness of your lips and at the same time you get a very sexy and stylish and long lasting look, but if you don’t know how to apply that, your lips look cracked and uneven, showing off a mouth of dried, tinted flakes or going out of the lines then you are going to end up with a cosmetic disaster look, and that would be last thing you want so here are some tips for you to get perfect matte lips.

Normally when we use satin, cream, and shimmer lipstick we indirectly use the ingredients they use in the formulas to get the smoother and plumper look, but when we use Matte formulas they enhance the bad impacts of your lips and if you have dry lips then the lipstick will make you look damaged which means it is not very easy to apply matte finish and when you apply matte lips tick you need to get some tricks to get smoother and prettier lips.

Colorful Art Design For Lips

Amazing Colorful Art Design For Lips Ideas

First of all we will get ready for the look and for that you need to prepare your lips and for that you need to exfoliate first and for that you can use ready to use lip scrubber too or you can make at home too, apply some petroleum jelly or Vaseline overnight and then in the morning rub your lips with wet and worm towel and then take some tablespoon sugar and add some lime and olive oil in it and scrub your lips with it till you feel that sugar is completely dissolved and then wash your face with running water and rub your lips with the wet worm towel.

Colorful Art Design For Lips

After that scrubbing you need to apply some honey on your lips and after that keep your lips moisturized with petroleum jelly or Vaseline and that will make your lips look smoother and you will be able to apply it easily and it will stay longer.

Lip Designs  Colorful Art Design For Lips

Now I will tell you that you need some kind of base for your lips and normally girls use their own foundation for that which might be too greasy for matte finish, one can try Carmex Lip Conditioner which is pretty soothing and transparent and does not have any kind of impact on your lipstick, just make your lips feel and look smooth and beautiful, but if you are using it then you need to give it at least 5 minutes to get set on your lips and then start your lipstick.

Amazing Lip Art Designs  Colorful Art Design For Lips