Color Changing Nail Polish

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Being attractive is a dream of every person from all over the world. You can turn this dream into dream into real by applying makeup properly. Nowadays there is a wide range of beauty products available in the markets. Different cosmetic companies every day introduce newest beauty products to catch the attentions of their customers. One such product, which draw thee attentions of people, is color changing nail polish.

Are you wonder to hear about color changing nail polishes? Yes it is true; many cosmetic companies introduce a unique variety of nail polishes which change their color due to change in temperature. The color of nail polish actually changes because these nail polishes contain some ingredients, which react when you go out into the sun. When you come back indoors the nail polish restore it original color. The change in color can also take place in the response of change in your body temperature. Color changing nail polishes are gaining more popularity in the young girls.

If you want to try color changing nail polish, search for “Reckless” which has been offered by Del Sol. The original shade of this nail polish is shimmery white and in the sun shine, the color turn to shimmery pink. Del Sol’s nail polishes are famous for their eminence, durability and fun color-change. Some other beautiful shades are Ruby Slippers and Island Fever. Island Fever’s original color is ‘mint mojito’ but changed into ‘jade’ in the sunlight.

The girls, who love bright shades, should try blaze color changing UV nail polish. ‘SolarActive’ offers this beautiful shade in just $8.95. You can apply this nail polish like any nail lacquer on top of base coat or apply two layers to get a smooth finish. It has a property to dry fast so you will certainly find it easy to apply and remove.