Choosing Perfect Eyes Makeup Colors For Brown Eyes

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Choosing Perfect Eyes Makeup Colors For Brown EyesBeautiful and professional looking makeup is a wonderful way to give your eyes a gorgeous look. But applying accurate eyes makeup is not an easy job. You should be very careful while picking eyes makeup constituents and applying them because a wrong selection of eye makeup products or an incorrect tactic of application can ruin your overall appearance. Make sure that your selected eye makeup color should complement the color of your eyes.

Makeup Colors for Brown Eyes


Right selection of eye-shadow colors is essential to enhance your brown eyes beauty. If you are blessed with brown eyes, you can select appropriate eye-shadow color with a little effort because there are various colors, which are perfect for brown eyes. An important thing which should be kept in mind (while selection eye makeup color for brown eyes) is your skin tone.

If you have a fair complexion, then soft pastel creamy eye-shadow colors can be a best choice for you. Rich and vibrant shades look great for olive skin. The females with brown eyes can also try copper, misty green, taupe, amethyst and gray shades. Deep emerald eye-shadow with golden touch will certainly impart a huge impact on your brown eyes.


Eyeliner is also one of the basic constituents of eye makeup kit. Mostly women generally use brown and black color of eyeliners but they really don’t know that these two colors are not enough to highlight brown eyes beauty. Nowadays, eyeliners are available in various beautiful shades, which look great on brown eyes. Some of these shades are aqua blue, navy blue, midnight blue, purple and moss green. Apply eyeliner close to your top and bottom lashes in firm motion.


Eyes makeup cannot be completed without mascara. Colored mascara is an abundant choice for brown eyes. Before applying mascara, curl your eye lashes using an eyelashes curler for a professional looking eyes makeup.