Causes and Symptoms of Nonallergic Rhinitis

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Causes and Symptoms of Nonallergic Rhinitis

By Dr. Major Rajesh Kumar Bhardwaj, Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT)

Nonallergic Rhinitis is when you have a drippy nose as well as chronic sneezing for no apparent reason. Non-allergic rhinitis has exactly the same symptoms of a hay fever except for the fact that there are no symptoms of an allergic reaction present. Even though non-allergic rhinitis can affect both children and adults, it is more common in people over 20 years of age. There are various triggers of non-allergic rhinitis including certain odors and irritants in the air as well as certain medications, foods and changes in weather. Here are the causes and symptoms of non-allergic rhinitis…


While the exact causes of non-allergic rhinitis are still not known, there are certain factors which are known to trigger non-allergic rhinitis…

1. Changes in Weather

When the temperature or humidity level changes, the membranes of your nose may swell which may cause a runny nose.

2. Irritants

Chemical fumes, dust, smog, perfumes, secondhand smoke and other such irritants are known to trigger non-allergic rhinitis.

3. Infections

Viral infections such as the flu and common cold are known to trigger non-allergic rhinitis.

4. Medications

There are certain medications which are known to trigger non-allergic rhinitis including beta blockers and ibuprofen.

5. Hormonal Changes

Pregnancy, menstruation, hypothyroidism and other hormonal imbalances may cause non-allergic rhinitis.

6. Certain Goods

Hot or spicy foods as well as alcoholic beverages are known to cause non-allergic rhinitis as well.


1. Runny nose

2. Sneezing

3. Cough

4. Mucus in the throat

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