Can you really enjoy a smoke-free Diwali? Yes it’s possible with these 3 hacks!

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In the present day and age, Diwali has almost become tantamount to venomous air pollution. A recent study shows that the levels of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide seem to be ever-increasing in the ‘festival of lights’ since 2010. Even the levels of particulate matter 2.5 are much higher than the normal standards during this time of the year, giving rise to adverse impacts on the environment and your health.

In essence Deepawali is the lighting of rows and rows of lamps on the darkest night of the year. So why not make this Diwali about what it is, and try to enjoy a smoke free one with these 3 simple hacks?

Host an awesome card partyimages

Well tradition has it that playing cards on Diwali night will ensure that the goddess of wealth (Lakshmi) smiles upon you for the rest of the year. Even the gods played cards on this night, with the story going that Parvati and Shiv would play a game of dice on this auspicious occasion. So what’s better than to mimic the gods this Diwali? Host an amazing card party that is also a food and drinks fiesta. Not only is it fun, it’s the best way to have a truly joyous and smoke-free Diwali. Just be sure to have a healthy food and drinks menu.

Light the world with sky lanterns

Instead of lighting up the fireworks, why not illuminate the heavens with beautiful sky lanterns? Sky lanterns are much more environment and health-friendly than crackers. They are made of paper, and their ethereal glow is enough to light up the darkest of nights. Plus, they give the same thrill and good cheer as bursting crackers sans the noise and air pollution. In fact, in Taiwan sky lanterns are released with wishes written upon them, and who knows if your wishes come true this Diwali if you do the same?

Or use eco-friendly crackers

Okay maybe Diwali doesn’t feel like Diwali to many without the showers of sparkles of firecrackers. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the fireworks without harming the environment. Plenty of eco-friendly options are out there in the market these days. These unique crackers work on the vacuum method and produce next to nothing smoke. Plus, they are cheaper and safer for children. So spend your money on these crackers instead of the regular patakas to enjoy a healthy light and sound show.

So there you have 3 hassle-free ways of enjoying this auspicious occasion. Happy Diwali to you all!

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