Can Makeup Stickers Help You Achieve A Perfect Beauty Look?

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Photo: bijouxdepele on Instagram 

Although many of us are still struggling to perfect the wings on our eyeliner, there may be a solution which can help you skip this step in the morning. Makeup stickers may have once reigned supreme in the 1990s, but this throwback fad has returned as a modern day convenience. In fact, sticker eyeliner and lipstick just may help you perfect your visage, without the need to spend an hour in front of the mirror.

Once considered tacky, eyeliner in sticker form has returned as a rising trend in the world of beauty. The adhesive makeup can be applied on the upper eyelids, in order to fake the look of a perfect cat eye. From classic black winged liner to shimmering strips of blue and silver, sticker eyeliner can be adapted for either day or night.

Meanwhile, beauty lovers are also turning to sticker lipstick as a quick fix and a way to try lip art. While crazy adhesive lips have been spotted on Instagram for quite some time, the more everyday look of basic pink and red pouts is definitely more wearable.


Photo: bijouxdepele on Instagram 

If you plan to rock makeup stickers during the holiday season, remember to keep the rest of your visage looking clean and refreshed. To avoid an unappealing fake look, use only one set of stickers at a given time. After all, overwhelming your face with adhesive eyeliner, eyeshadow and lipstick is certainly a recipe for disaster. On the hand other, accenting your features with just one type of sticker is a realistic approach.

To wrap up your beauty look, stick to lightweight illuminating foundation and shimmering shadow. Keep your lip colour neutral and soft, and highlight your cheekbones with the faintest pink blush. Whether you’re hitting the holiday party circuit or running weekend errands, makeup stickers just may shave a few minutes off your beauty routine.