Body Wash | Home Made

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body-wash-home-madeBody Wash | Home Made – made body wash blended with different fragrances and healing elements have their own worth in beauty regimen. Though there are variety of branded body wash are available for different skin tones but the   home made recipes for body wash give the expected glowing skin with privacy.

Here are some quick recipes for body wash:


  • A cup of sea salt
  • 2 tabs of grape seed oil or vegetable glycerin
  • A cup of Baking soda

Mix all in gradients and add few drops of essential oil in it. Scrub with it the skin of the body and leave it for 15 minutes and allow to all ingredients to be absorbed in the skin. After take bath with normal water. It will make the skin soft with extra glow.


  • Some mild shampoo or liquid soap to be used as base.
  • Mud mask
  • Red clay
  • Calcium carbonate
  • Baking soda
  • Xanthenes gum

Mix all ingredients well to make the paste and apply on the skin. Take the bath when it gets dry .In it 2 to 3 drops of skin safe essential oils may be added. It will give the glowing skin after wash. For dry skin rosemary and peppermint oil, Lavender herb is added to the oily skin.


  • Different herbs according to skin compatibility
  • Organic glycerin
  • 1 tabs of yucca roots

Boil the herbs in 100 ml filtered water for 20 minutes .Add in it the few drops of glycerin. Add a cup of sliced oranges or three table spoons of jasmine flower or two table spoons of sandal wood powder to make it more refreshing. Take bath by adding this solution in your bath tub. Make your skin glowing and scented with the use of this.